The Playmat

A play mat and a toy bag all-in-one


Approximately 36" diameter with fun fabric or bright colored patchwork for baby to enjoy on one side and a coordinating color fabric on the outside for mom to enjoy.

Quilted for comfort. Warm and Natural cotton batting.

Eight tabs to attach rings and toys onto.

Four pockets to hide a toy... 

...or to attach a toy with tabs inside.

Cinches up into a bag. No need to clean up the toys, carry a bag and play mat.

How to go from play mat to bag:

Play mat as a bag with toys inside.

Play mat open with toys. Notice the ribbons on the side?

Fold sides in and tie with ribbon

Bring up other sides and snap towards center where the ribbon is.

Unsnap heart snap on handle and pull strap to cinch up.

Now it's a bag.

See what's in stock in the shop or request a custom order.

Video Demonstration

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