"Hello Darling!" 

I can still hear her voice, ever so clearly, say those words to me and my children as she lovingly looks into our eyes and touches our face. So when I decided to make my headbands available to everyone by starting a business, the name "Hello Darling" had such a sweet ring to it. It is a name that connects my grandma to my youngest child (the one who models the toddler headbands) whom she never got a chance to meet. It's a name that reminds me of my childhood and simpler times. It's a name that honors a hard working mom from the 50s who is everything I want to be.

Sometimes I feel very useless and insignificant. Sometimes I stress over the responsibilities of life. Sometimes I worry about things that haven't even happened yet. Sometimes I can't even think straight. Then I take a walk outside and see a section of my yard that I can make beautiful by planting a few seeds. Or I pull out a canvas and feel the thrill of what beauty may be in the finished product. Or I pull out some scraps of fabric and some odds and ends and make a toy, a game, a gift...and then a smile. I love creating. I love giving. I love to see that smile.

I make things for my kids, my family, my friends or just because! When I was a child I would design clothing and accessories with whatever I could find. Usually paper and staples! I've upgraded a bit now and sew on my moms 1960s robin's egg blue vintage sewing machine. It doesn't do fancy stitches and there's no touchscreen (or screen at all) but I like the way it feels and it connects me to my heritage and to simpler times.

I hope you enjoy my shop! Love life! And hold close to your heart the good old days and simpler things.

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